In commemoration of Marshall B. Rosenberg | 15 Feb 15, felix.buche

Marshall B. Rosenberg was a Mediator and the creator of one of the most powerful methods against legal disputes, separation, distrust, hate, revenge and even terrorism and war.

On this 7th of February 2015 died a person that I admired very much: Marshall B. Rosenberg, the Mediator and creator of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). As part of my studies of systemic mediation, I had the wonderful and enriching opportunity to attend to one of his seminars 10 years ago.

The communication process of Nonviolent Communication is one of the most powerful methods against legal disputes, separation, distrust, hate, revenge and even terrorism and war. It could save thousands of lives, billions of $. It is very powerful if you adopt this method in conflicts, as far as you start with your own way of communication in conflictual situation.


Not only Nonviolent Communication method prevented me from separation with my wonderful wife in some difficult times, but it saved my customers thousands of € costs for legal disputes. It also brings teams to perform best through personnel satisfaction, recognition and a better mutual understanding.

If we were all trained in the communication method of Nonviolent Communication, even conflicts like the one between Palestine and Israel would already have been calmed. Physical violence still follows violent communication. To start to solve a conflict at the roots means to start with appropriate communication. Unfortunately this is not the case in politics yet, as we can see in the Ukraine conflict e.g..


I would be happy if Barack Obama was giving his Nobel Peace Prize to Marshall B. Rosenberg in order to honor him posthumously for his real action for peace for a lifetime.


Felix Buche
Consultant and Mediator


Strasbourg, France, in February 2015



Some video with Marshall Rosenberg about his approach:

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