Felix Buche

Felix implemented several large trans-border projects in Germany, France and Switzerland. He specialises in project management, finance, carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency and negotiation and has many years of experience in the Rental and Construction industry.

After graduating in business administration and finance he accomplished a training in business mediation. He made a career in two multinational companies specialised in constructions and industrial maintenance and an international equipment rental company. He is instructed in the engineering and the various applications of construction machines, building technology and energy management.

Felix was member of the operations management board, being in charge of the fleet management including product policy, procurement, logistics, maintenance & repair for the largest Swiss equipment rental company, which is tied to a leading international American brand. 

As CFO he founded and established the French subsidiary for a German construction company and supervised its Swiss subsidiary.

He started his career in Human Resources and Controlling, then evolved as CFO for German subsidiaries of a large French construction Group in Berlin.

Felix Buche is fluent in German, English and French.