Committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% until 2025 | 07 Nov 17, felix.buche

Our electricity consumption already is nearly CO2-free and our green IT strategy ensures low electricity consumption. But in addition, we are committed to reduce CO2 emissions of our passenger vehicles from today’s 150g/Km to less than 20g/Km by 2025.

Together with its partners, aXconda also provides solution for energy efficiency and environment protection in industry and services. Thus we have to be exemplary.

Compared to reference emissions defined in the Kyoto Protocol, aXconda has already 30% reduced CO2 emissions today. As much more has to be done urgently, we will focus on light vehicles, because it stands for the largest part of our emissions.

aXconda is committed to reduce CO2 emissions of passenger vehicles from today’s 150g/Km to less than 20g/Km by 2025. To meet this ambitious aim, we will only approve for new investment Zero Emission Vehicles and will than use 90% CO2-free produced electricity.

We decided to skip today’s hybrid car technology as it leads to only poor reduction in CO2 emissions of about 15% in our real driving conditions (longer distances). This might change in the next years, but anyway, from 2025 on, Zero Emission will be the required technology. For a transition period until 2025, we examine to rent natural gas powered cars, if needed.

Our electricity consumption already is CO2-free for 90 %. Our green IT strategy ensures low electricity consumption and we will switch to 80% renewables until 2025.

We encourage our customers, partners and providers to adopt their individual strategies in responsibility for future generations and we help them to have their investment related risk management ready to face coming changes.
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